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It is a priviledge for the Normal CornBelters to be able to partner with such amazing organizations to help promote their businesses and showcast their good deeds within the community. In order to support these organizations, we host Community Spotlight Games that allows the fans to see what these people do for their area and share upcoming events they will have. Here's a list of a few organizations the CornBelters have partnered with in 2018.  

For further questions, please contact the CornBelters Front Office by calling 309-454-2255 or emailing


The Miracle League is a non-profit organization that strives to provide opportunities for kids with disabilities to play baseball, regardless of the disabilities that they may have. Their goals consist of promoting community support and sponsorship of the Miracle Leagues as well as promoting the construction of special facilities that meet the unique needs of Miracle League players and their families.

This year in May the Normal CornBelters hosted a Star Wars Night that featured appearances by some of the community’s favorite characters where they auctioned a player’s jersey in order to benefit the Miracle League.

For more information about The Miracle League and how to get involved, visit them at


The YWCA is an organization that promotes the empowerment of women and equality for all people through all walks of life. Their goal is to promote justice, freedom and dignity for these people no matter what racial status, age, gender, economic status, or sexual orientation.  A couple of services the YWCA provides for the community are year-round child daycare, home services for the elderly, and a program called Stepping Stones that provides 24 hour assistance to sexual assault and sexual abuse victims and their families in McLean County where the services focuses on empowering those survivors and their families.

This year in May the Normal CornBelters held a community spotlight game with the YWCA of McLean County that promoted their Dash Against Discrimination Run that was held Saturday, June 9.

For more information about the YWCA of McLean County, visit them at


The Wishbone Canine Rescue is an organization that believes that all healthy and treatable homeless dogs have the right to live and receive proper care and loving homes. They do not discriminate by breed, age or health status. Their hopes are to educate the public on welfare issues, promoting life-saving community initiatives and to also save and care for as many dogs as they can.

The Normal Cornbelters hosted a community spotlight game in honor of Wishbone where there were opportunities to benefit Wishbone during the game.

For more information about Wishbone Canine Rescue, visit


4H is a community that is run through many Universities that allows the opportunity for young children to experience hands on learning with health, science, agriculture and citizenship. 4H is a research based experience and they are guided through mentors and projects that help them develop leadership skills.

On June 30th the Normal CornBelters had their second Jose Conseco night that also fell on the Ag Night at the Corn Crib where they hosted their community spotlight partner, 4H of McLean/Livingston-Woodford Counties.

For more information about 4H, visit


The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community based, voluntary health organization that is striving to rid the world of cancer by conducting research, raising funds and providing the knowledge and support to those around them 24/7. The Society provides many services including sharing their knowledge on ways to prevent cancer by living healthier life-styles. They provide tips, tools and online resources to aid people in setting goals and remaining motivated for their healthy way of living.

July 28 the Normal CornBelters will have their community spotlight partner Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society as part of Cancer Awareness Night with postgame fireworks.

For more information about the American Cancer Society, visit


Marcfirst of McLean County is an organization that helps support families and individuals with disabilities reach their full potential in their community. They provide lifelong services that include early developmental therapy to occupational therapy for when citizens are ready to join the working world. Marcfirst engages with the community to raise funds to support their organization through fun activities such as their Bowl-a-thon and their very first Martini’s for Marcfirst in early September.

August 10 the Normal CornBelters will welcome their community spotlight, Marcfirst, while they also have a Back 2 School Night with a lunch bag giveaway and recognize the local educators and support staff of the community.

For more information about Marcfirst, visit


The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter is a research based organization that seeks a cure for ALS through the generous donations from the community and fundraising efforts such as their famous Walks or Runs to Defeat ALS. A Walk to Defeat ALS will be held in Peoria on September 8 at Dzer Park at 10 a.m. Earlier this year the Chapter decided to expand to Champaign in hopes to increase awareness and support for finding a cure for ALS. 

The Normal CornBelters will host their community spotlight partner, ALS Association- Greater Chicago Chapter, on Saturday, August 11, with postgame fireworks.

For more information about the ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter CLICK HERE